The Deaf Studies Unit of the University of Patras

The Deaf Studies Unit (DSU) belongs to the Department of Primary Education of the University of Patras, and is a leading center for Deaf Studies, Greek Sign language (ENG), and Deaf Education in Greece. Established in 1994, is the only academic institution in Greece that provides research in the area of deafness, and programs for teachers of the deaf, sign language tutors, and interpreters.

It is staffed by 4 full time senior researchers, 6 part-time, Deaf and hearing, junior researchers, and 5 PhD and post-doctoral students. DSU collaborates with schools for the deaf, audiology clinics and the Deaf Community of Greece in different projects. It also works together with similar centers of Europe, USA and other countries in common research activities, and has organized a number of National, European, and International conferences.

This year the Deaf Studies Unit has been chosen to organize the 22nd International Congress on the Education of the Deaf (ICED) in 2015. Among the academic programs provided through the DSU is a graduate program (M.A or PhD) for teachers and professionals in deaf studies and deaf education, as well as training programs for interpreters and Deaf tutors of ENG. Most of the 40 research grants that have being successfully completed at the DSU include areas such as: deaf education, Greek sign language, Cochlear Implants in children, family issues of deaf children, and new technologies in deaf education. DSU is equipped with latest technology to carry out sign linguistic, educational and technology research.